How To Test Web APIs with Perl and Cucumber

  • Create a cpanfile:
  • Add Mojolicious web-framework to the cpanfile:
  • Install Mojolicious using carton:
  • Generate a Mojolicious lite app:
  • Edit the to return a json:
  • Start the server:
  • Create the Test::BDD::Cucumber file structure:
  • Add Cucumber and test modules to cpanfile file:
  • Install Cucumber and test modules:
  • Given is used for a predefined action.
  • When is used for an action done by the user (making a request).
  • Then is used for evaluating the user action.
  • And duplicates the verb above
  • But duplicates the verb above
  • The Background code in the feature file executed the Before block in the step file which adds Mojo::UserAgent object and stores it in S.
  • Given qr/I query for the (\w+) data center/ This step adds the {dc => 'ro' } hash on S. Later this is used to add this ?dc=ro part to the request query.
  • When I make a GET request to the url /json
  1. reads the http verb and the url passed to him from the feature file and uses them to create Mojo::URL->new();
  2. makes a request using the object Mojo::UserAgent object stored in S.
  3. uses the Test2::V0 note() subroutine to document what happened.
  4. stores the request response in S->{result};
  • Then http code is 200
    This step reads the expect status code sent in from the feature file using a regex and compares it with whatever value we have stored in the response object.
  • Call the json scenario:
  • Run all scenarios, except the xml one:




Designing Experiences. Engineering outcomes.

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Designing Experiences. Engineering outcomes.

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