Potential Benefits and Challenges of Generating Embedded Receipts
By Dudley Brown, Product Owner, Cognizant Softvision

In the previous article, we discussed the concept of embedded receipts and how they could add value for financial services clients. Let’s continue, exploring opportunities and challenges that come with embedded receipts.

Businesses already benefit greatly from the various services and software designed to replace paper receipts. This concept of embedded receipts builds on this by automating the receipt management concept. Ideas and opportunities could include:

Benefits to businesses:

How Embedded Receipts Could Earn Customer Trust

By Dudley Brown, Product Owner, Cognizant Softvision

Imagine you’re on your way home from a business trip, with plans to attend a friend’s anniversary party over the weekend. During your trip, you paid for your hotel stay, lunch with your client, and even some personal shopping, not once needing to stop by the bank or even use cash.

Of course, digital (or electronic) payments have been around in various forms for many years and have become very flexible and useful. And with banking services embedded into digital payment products, making a payment has…

When and how to use Spring WebFlux

By Roxandra Lobontiu, Enterprise Coffee Engineer, Cognizant Softvision

Most of the applications we develop today have to be able to process more requests with fewer resources, be highly responsive, be easy to scale and handle failure easily.

A reactive system meets these demands by being responsive, resilient, elastic and message-driven.

While reactive systems refer to the architecture or high-level design of a system, reactive programming refers to an implementation technique that can be used in a reactive architecture. …

The good, not so good and interesting aspects of CI/CD with GitHub

By Troy Walsh, QE Practice Lead and a Lead DevOps engineer, Cognizant Softvision

In this post we will look at GitHub’s current CI/CD capabilities. We will see what they do well, what they don’t, and what you need to know before moving your pipelines to GitHub.

Is BDD worth the overhead?

By Elena Marin, QC Engineer, Cognizant Softvision

Many years ago, during a training class, I heard about Behavior Driven Development (BDD) for the first time. I remember like it was yesterday, after listening to the trainer’s explanation, my first reaction was: “Is this really used in practice?” In my mind, I thought that BDD was another process created to bring more overhead for the team. I said to myself that it will not be worth the effort (versus its benefits) and I will not use it in any of my projects.

Years later, after I…

GitHub’s project management capabilities: The good, the bad, and the interesting

By Troy Walsh, QE Practice Lead and a Lead DevOps engineer, Cognizant Softvision

In this post we will look at the current GitHub project management capabilities. As I mentioned in a previous post (https://bugsareinthegaps.azurewebsites.net/github-as-your-primary-devops-toolchain) GitHub has some decent, but limited project management capabilities.

What you need to know before selecting GitHub as your primary DevOps toolchain.

By Troy Walsh, QE Practice Lead and a Lead DevOps engineer, Cognizant Softvision

What is GitHub

For those of you not familiar, GitHub started off as an online source control management service. Over the years it has become the world’s largest source code hosting service and has been used by more than 50 million developers. It hosts many of the most popular software projects such as Kubernetes, .Net Core, Go, TypeScript, Apple Swift, Node.js, Apache Spark and many many more. …

A Clean Code Approach

By Daniela Caprian, Software Engineer, Cognizant Softvision

Even the most experienced software engineers can feel like frauds sometimes. “Do I know enough? Is my code good enough? Can this be improved? Is the client happy with my solution? The client might be satisfied, but am I happy with how my code looks?”

While questioning yourself and your coding skills can be beneficial at times, you need to have confidence in yourself. …

Development Glossary for Project Managers, Business Analysts, Project Owners, Junior Developers, and Non-Technical Persons

By Vlad Vasile Moisuc, Software Engineer, Cognizant Softvision

Being a non-technical person or just being new in the programming space can be challenging when you’re just starting a new project and you have to get up to speed quickly.

Questions like these might come to mind:

- A request to pull what?
- Failing pipeline? You’ve got leaks?
- You’ve pushed your commit? I’ve already told other people about our sprint commitment…

There are a lot of new terms that you might encounter, and knowing what…

4 Ways to Invite Mindfulness in your Daily Practice

By Deepika Sharma, Product Owner, Cognizant Softvision

Mindfulness techniques can open doors to new beginnings. But how do we incorporate this practice in our daily lives? Some mindful experts suggest that developing your own personal practice is what’s going to make the real impact. Also, making it a daily routine and not just a “weekend special” is the secret key to success.

That being said, life has become busy for all of us in our modern world. When you are busy juggling responsibilities, coping with the many demands being asked of…

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