Development Glossary for Project Managers, Business Analysts, Project Owners, Junior Developers, and Non-Technical Persons

By Vlad Vasile Moisuc, Software Engineer, Cognizant Softvision

Being a non-technical person or just being new in the programming space can be challenging when you’re just starting a new project and you have to get up to speed quickly.

Questions like these might come to mind:

- A request to pull what?
- Failing pipeline? You’ve got leaks?
- You’ve pushed your commit? I’ve already told other people about our sprint commitment…

There are a lot of new terms that you might encounter, and knowing what…

4 Ways to Invite Mindfulness in your Daily Practice

By Deepika Sharma, Product Owner, Cognizant Softvision

Mindfulness techniques can open doors to new beginnings. But how do we incorporate this practice in our daily lives? Some mindful experts suggest that developing your own personal practice is what’s going to make the real impact. Also, making it a daily routine and not just a “weekend special” is the secret key to success.

That being said, life has become busy for all of us in our modern world. When you are busy juggling responsibilities, coping with the many demands being asked of…

How one Softvisioner conquered her fears and helped her community

By Emanuela Biro, QA Engineer, Cognizant Softvision

I’ve always been afraid of speaking in front of a big audience. Since joining Cognizant Softvision about two and a half years ago, I have given speeches for small groups of people in our local QA community meetups. However, becoming a speaker at Programmers’ Week, our largest technical event, took everything to the next level.

What is Programmers’ Week?

Most IT engineers know the meaning of the 256th day of the year. It’s “International Programmers’ Day,” when we celebrate the positive changes that…

A story about automation and how we can use different technologies together to reach a common goal

By Mihai Balica, QC Technical Coordinator, Cognizant Softvision

The first part of this article provided a high level overview of an automation solution. This second half covers the implementation details with some source code samples.

The Proof of Concept — Implementation

Arduino programming — code structure

Generally, each Arduino code has a part where variables are declared (in our case, the servo motors and the bluetooth device), followed by a setup() function (where we initialize variables, pin modes, etc.) and then the loop() function, where the program loops endlessly, doing what we tell it…

The Three Archetypes of Being a Successful Business Partner in Technology

By Ian Nathanson, Product Owner, Cognizant Softvision

Times have changed.

Companies used to be able to sit back and just flirt with technology. Leave their IT budgets semi-funded and leave their roadmaps, vision statements, and tech demos full of lofty goals that they would never honestly attempt to actually accomplish. An App was a fun gimmick or toy used for mostly marketing purposes and a website was for informational purposes only.

Today, if you don’t have these things you are not just an “old company,” you are on the…

Build a team that delivers great results

By Delia Stanescu, QA Engineer, Cognizant Softvision

Image source:

Testing is critical for the success of any software product. Some might even say a software is as good as the testing team behind it and their ability to identify critical bugs before they find their way into production. This is why the QA team contribution is so significant in delivering a high quality product.

QA work requires a unique set of skills and knowledge that are not always easily observable by others. The QA colleagues have to learn the product and the testing methods, manage…

A story about automation and how we can use different technologies together to reach a common goal

By Mihai Balica, QC Technical Coordinator, Cognizant Softvision

We live in a world where everything is being automated, from simple tasks to very complex ones, across all industries.

“The industrial revolution allowed us, for the first time, to start replacing human labor with machines.”Vitalik Buterin

Buterin was referring to the First Industrial Revolution that occurred in Europe and the United States that started in 1760 with the invention of the steam powered engine. …

One of Cognizant Softvision’s highly empathetic product leaders takes a look at how to develop shared understandings and better communication

By Marcela Ferraro, Product Delivery Community Lead, Cognizant Softvision

Whenever we describe the ingredients of a successful project found in the list Building Trusting Relationships With Our Stakeholders, I totally agree with what is found there. Still, I would add the engineering team to that list.

It is vital to create an ecosystem where engineers feel ownership of the outcomes. …

A Brief Introduction to Firebase

By Daniel Fenesi, Software Engineer, Cognizant Softvision

Most front-end developers feel they wouldn’t be able to make or complete a fully functional website or a Web Application all alone, because they will always need a back-end developer’s help. As a front-end developer myself, I’ve worked with many back-end developers, and we’ve had good working relationships, but I always wanted to be able to do this independently, without any help.

As a front-end developer, learning back-end technologies is probably not your original or main goal, and it can be time consuming. …

My journey from developer to business analyst

By Arun Sakthinarayanan, Business Analyst, Cognizant Softvision

Arun Sakthinarayanan working from home in Vancouver, Canada.


Here at Cognizant Softvision, we help our customers create game-changing digital products that intersect engineering, design, and strategy. For a team member on the front lines of the project, this means exposure to different technologies, practices, and challenges faced by customers operating in various industries. This is precisely where my journey towards becoming a business analyst began: working in cross-functional roles and having a genuine interest in delivering robust software solutions to our clients.

Who Am I?

My name is Arun, and this is my…

Cognizant Softvision

Designing Experiences. Engineering outcomes.

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